Midwest Corn Musings – Oct 2020

Occasionally, one comes across some spectacular event or sighting that stops you in your tracks.  This is not that.  However, on our trip through the Midwest we came across a few sightings that made us glad we were off the interstate.  These (and so many other sightings) make up the rich tapestry of this country – even a lunch stop in Nebraska.

Keep in mind that when you talk about the Midwest, almost by definition you have to discuss corn.  I mean, it can be all you see for days.  Well, add in some Sorghum, a little hay, maybe a few other crops, but by and large, corn is the 800-pound gorilla in the room.

So, I have two places for you to add to your list.  The first is in South Dakota.  Oh, is he going to tell us about Mount Rushmore?  The Black Hills… or the Badlands?  Crazy Horse Memorial?  Maybe Sturgis?  Ahh, that would be no.

I am here to share with you… drum roll… The Corn Palace.

In the unlikely event you have not been, the Corn Palace is a “must see” on your next trip through Mitchell, South Dakota.  Designed as a venue for locals to celebrate the annual corn harvest, the multi-purpose building is adorned each year with corn murals.

You may not want to schedule your next summer vacation in Mitchell, but it is kind of cool to drive by.  And if for some reason you cannot attend in person, you can always go online to the Corn Cam (https://cornpalace.com/157/Corn-Cam) for a live feed from the Corn Palace.

The second “destination” I have to share with you is in Nebraska.  Now you might not be so quick off the line to name a number of destinations in Nebraska, but I am here to tell you about one: Carhenge.

Located conveniently near Alliance, Nebraska, this exhibit is fabulous if you have a few screws loose.  Most of you do, just sayin’.

Obviously, there is some “down time” between tilling, seeding and harvesting the corn fields.  Apparently, some Midwesterners have a fine sense of art, creativity and a bit warped sense of humor to fill up that time.  There may have been alcohol involved, but that’s just me thinking.

Many of you know about or have seen Stonehenge in England.  Well, this is Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska.

Feast your eyes on this structure, built to the same size specifications as Stonehenge, but constructed from 38 Detroit-made vehicles.  The vehicles were all found locally in barns, fields, and dumps.

If you don’t think there is value in traveling, you haven’t traveled with us.  Ahem, that’s not an invitation.  But hit the road when you can – there is some weird stuff out there that needs to be seen!

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