Anza-Borrego Desert – Feb 2016

Better than Thor. WHAT? What say you, heathen, for such high treason? Hang the man from the tallest cactus!


We have been camped at Anza-Borrego Desert SP in southern California and Karen has outdone herself getting us the nicest site in the world. We are situated on a very private spot (don’t take umbrage – we like private – a lot) with a built-in fireplace/covering that, yes, rivals Thor, Cauldron of Death. I know that to some this would sound like heresy coming from me. But the fact of the matter is we have a campsite that has its own sun shelter and stone fireplace. It is simply awesome!




The state park and campground are both awesome. By a long shot, our favorite sites do not have services (water, electric, waste). The area that does have full services looks like a parking lot. With our site we enjoyed a boatload of space and privacy, and we are closer to hikes up into the mountains.

Privacy – and beauty

One of the characteristics clearest to me about this area from camping and hiking is the depth of the blue skies here. While the pictures do not do justice, the skies are such a deep and beautiful blue it is almost beyond description. And of course the air is crisp and dry. And did I mention the views are spectacular 360 degrees?





Because of somewhat recent rains, the plants (like the ocotillos) are blooming and robust. I am certain that within days or weeks these too will go back to a barren (to us) state. For now, though, the desert is alive and beautiful with flowers and grasses. And the Palm Garden looks (and is) so lush and yet seemingly out of place in this desert.

Hummingbird feeding on the flowers



Palm Garden



Many of you have asked me, “Brad, how do you avoid getting photos of wildlife?” Well, let me share my secret. You just need to buy an expensive 600mm telephoto lens. It keeps even the BEST of wildlife at bay. I am not a scientist, but I believe there is something in the optics of an expensive lens that animals sense and avoid – or they throw on their invisibility cloak. Either way, it works perfectly. With a really good lens you won’t even find a squirrel.

So this year no Bighorn sheep sightings like last year. The sheep apparently are away on a ClubMed cruise this year. Seriously, these are wonderful animals that we were fortunate enough to have captured in photo last year (see photos below from last year – you know, before I had the big expensive lens). In fact, there are certain canyons that are closed off to foot and vehicle traffic in the summer months so the sheep can get to water without being disturbed.



As state parks go, regardless of state, Anza-Borrego SP is truly one of the best!

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  1. I think your mistake is in, too narrowly, defining the usefulness of your new and very expensive lens. This is a technology that has heretofore gone underutilized. Imagine being in Yellowstone, in the middle of one of those 30 minute bison traffic jams, when you whip out your camera to get some awesome photos for your blog and all of the sudden the bison are gone and traffic returns to normal. You will be a hero!

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