Prescott (AZ) – Jan 2015

After a month in California, we headed to Prescott, AZ. If you have never been to Prescott, it is a summer destination for Phoenix residents to avoid the summer heat, and the home to Prescott College. Located in the mountains north and west of Phoenix yet south and west of Flagstaff it is a cool little town; lots of coffee shops, bike shops, bars, restaurants – you know, typical college town.


At over a mile high, we are camped in the Prescott National Forest (approximately 5,700 feet elevation) less than 2 miles outside of town in the White Spar Campground – a real nice national forest campground (with our senior pass – $5 per night!). Today has been cold (high 45’) and rainy, so we are moving tomorrow to get to a campground with electricity so we can watch the Superbowl – go Pat’s!!!

Today we used the marginal weather to do laundry and go out for lunch, and then I decided to go paddling. I headed to Watson Lake just north of town. Absolutely great place to paddle, watch birds, enjoy nature! We hope to come back to town at some other time and explore further the hiking and biking trails offered here.

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