Borrego Springs – Jan 2015

Assume for a moment that there are not a million acres of beautiful desert surrounding you, and you have just landed in this really quaint town called Borrego Springs, CA. Borrego Springs has had a champion (since passed away) named Dennis Avery (heir to the Avery Dennison label company) as a huge benefactor.


Aside from many other acts of kindness, Dennis commissioned artist Ricardo Breceda to create metal sculptures of beasts that existed thousands and millions of years ago in the Borrego Valley. The sculptures (over 100) are located on about 3,000 acres that he bought to be saved for public use called the Galleta Meadows Estate. These are but a sampling and dot the Borrego Springs landscape.

IMG_2295 IMG_2304 IMG_2305 IMG_2310 IMG_2307 IMG_2317 IMG_2329 IMG_2332

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