Topsail Prescribed Burn – 2016

We are here at Topsail State Park for the Canopener, an Airstream rally that is enjoying its 10th anniversary this year. Canopener is a loose collection of like-minded Airstream owners who look forward to “opening” the year with a rally on the panhandle of Florida on the first full weekend of the New Year.


I had a chance on Wednesday to see a prescribed forest burn take place up close and personal. Well, a long telephoto lens helps. The Florida Park Service at Topsail SP was conducting a prescribed burn for a section of the park. The burns are designed to mimic natural fires and rejuvenate the forest.










As one outcome of the burn, I saw a Pigmy Rattlesnake as it slithered across the road. Only about 2 feet long, the park ranger said it would “hurt you”. Apparently the bite is not lethal but I was not about to test that out.






While the burn prevented folks from visiting the beach due to smoke hazard, we look forward to more festivities this weekend!

7 thoughts on “Topsail Prescribed Burn – 2016

  1. I expected more Brad,
    After last years manly exhibition in Las Vegas operating the heavy machinery, I was expecting to see you don the fashionable yellow outfit and jump into the middle of the fray with the little watering can. Black smudges all over your face. Perhaps the gimpy arm still in a sling, but you shrugging it off and bravely soldiering on… you are traveling with the sling right? You never know when there will be a photo op.

  2. I enjoyed reading about Lucy. I live in panama city.. Saw the can opener on news & would like to come out to see open House. Do you know what time it is on Saturday. My husband and I are looking to buy an airstream. I have called and looked for times but no luck. Thank you. Bernadette

    1. Please do come! There are about 100+ Airstreams here and the “tour of homes” is generally on Saturday starting typically at noon or so. People are delighted to open their trailers, and it is a great opportunity to see the benefits of different floorpans. See you tomorrow!

      1. “Officially” the open house is tonorrow (Sunday) due to rain, but we will be leaving early. Others will open their trailers for viewing.

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