Shoulder Surgery Update – June 2019

A special thanks goes to Dr. Josh Siegel and the entire team (surgical center, physical therapy, tanning salon, latte bar) at Access Sports Medicine in Exeter, NH for the great work they did repairing and rehabilitating my left rotator cuff.  Way to go!  With every day, I’m feeling more and more like my old self, thanks for asking.


Seriously, they all did a great job!  I will even present Dr. Josh with a plaque commemorating the great care I received – you know, the “I’m Not a Doctor BUT…” award.  Pretty sure the other doctors in his office will covet this plaque.  I am certain he will display it in a position of prominence – like the linen or electrical closet.  As it should be.  You are what you treat, as the saying sort of goes.

Plaque.jpgAccording to the surgery center, I have been assured I will, under my stage name Janice, be able to play the piano.  What a relief to my wife, who is comforted that I will be able to bring in a few spare bucks to help pay for the surgery.  See me at the Holiday Inn – I’ll be there all week.



I am assured by my physical therapy team Helga and Brutus that I should be ready for the 2020 Olympics if I maintain my regimen.  I expect to compete in the uneven bars, javelin, and dead weights, barring unforeseen circumstances, like I get even older.  Tokyo is such a long ways away; do they have snacks and show movies on that flight?

Uneven brs.png


Dead weight.png

I couldn’t possibly have survived this period without the love and care of my wife and primary caregiver, Nurse Ratched.  She earned her ticket straight to heaven on this journey, let me just say.  XXOO

Nurse Ratched.png

Pretty soon, we should be getting back in the saddle and resuming our more normal (for us) routine of alluding the authorities by hitting the road in our Airstream.  I know it has been a while since we have been reporting from the road, but soon enough! See you down the road!


6 thoughts on “Shoulder Surgery Update – June 2019

  1. Been there, done that… twice! I’m back to throwing heat!⚾

    I see that you upgraded your travel trailer! Nothing like an old Econoline!

    Let me know when you can squeeze us in to your busy schedule, we would love to have you over. JH

  2. That was funny and very well illustrated. As we age, all these procedures and “improvements” become a part of life.
    Get the Airstream on the road and keep smiling.
    Happy Trails,

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