New Year’s Eve (CA) – 2014

Best of both worlds – we celebrated New Year’s on the east coast time – on the west coast at 9pm. But we had a blast! We danced, sang, shouted and enjoyed the Airstream crowd here (great group!). Take a look at some of these New Year’s eve pictures from out on Colorado Blvd here in Pasadena in preparation for the Rose Parade. People literally lined the streets starting at about 9pm PST in order to save space for viewing the parade. Even though this is southern California, temperatures last night got down to pretty close to freezing. Yikes. We, on the other hand, slept snug as a bug in our Airstream and got up this morning and walked to our reserved seating to view the parade.

Who is that couple in the Foster Grant's? Partay Colorado Blvd IMG_2534 IMG_2538

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