Seacoast: Add Weather – Dec 2022

I maintain there is little more powerful than weather.  And the ocean is almost always humbling.  Add weather like we have all had, an astronomical high tide, and you’ve got, not to make lightly, the perfect storm.

Like it has for just about everybody in America, the last few days have represented some crazy weather patterns.  Yesterday, for example, it was 52 degrees in Hampton (NH) while it was in single and low double-digit temperatures in the Atlanta area and many other places in the south.  Mount Washington experienced wind gusts of 140 mph.

There are days when the ocean can look like a millpond – you could paddle out in a little canoe and be none the worse.  Other days, it can be a raging bull, unsafe in any vessel.  I don’t pretend to understand all the characteristics of tides other than to say that not all tides are equal.  But when the tide is really high, it is amazing!

Here are a few photos from our neck of the woods, mostly in Hampton and North Hampton (NH) over the last few days, where the storm and unusually high tides combined.  And a couple of video clips (if this works).  Technology may not be my strong suit.

Enjoy, stay safe, and have a great holiday season!

Looking towards Boars Head
North Side Park (at end of our street)

King’s Highway, situated between the ocean on one side and marshes behind

Sea water pouring into Beach Plum parking lot
Debris, rocks, lobster buoys littered the road

Normally this is a field of sea grasses

Road beside Wally’s


2 thoughts on “Seacoast: Add Weather – Dec 2022

  1. Dramatic! Thanks for posting. I can’t imagine Mt. Washington experience. I’m sure they close access in high winds. Correct?

    1. Thank you Doug. Actually, the Mt. Washington Auto Road closes down some time in October, since the mountain has some of the worst weather in the world. Definitely a very cool place, but summer is the time, at least for driving it.

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