Cumberland Plateau – Nov 2015

The Cumberland Plateau, located on the western side of the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee is a little slice of heaven. This week I had the opportunity while doing some year-end cleanup at the Airstream Park to explore the area.


Sitting at around 2,000 feet elevation, the plateau is a lush area with a lot of character and beauty. There are farms and views that are just gorgeous. Earlier this season we were directed to a farm that sells tomatoes, and I don’t know what the secret formula is – lush soil, higher elevation, climate or what, but they were delicious.

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The Airstream Park (TCPC), located on the plateau and situated on about 400 acres has miles of hiking trails and lots of beauty within its borders. And just a few miles down the road is the Cumberland Mountain State Park, and located within its’ borders is The Bear Trace at Cumberland Mountain – a highly ranked 6,900 feet Jack Nicklaus signature golf course. I haven’t played it yet, but expect to next year.

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Not sure if this is real, but on a hike we found signs of a moonshiners camp. The chances for it being real probably shouldn’t come as a big leap of faith, although I think some liberties may have been taken. I’m good either way.

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  1. Hi Brad! great post. We’re in AZ right now and aren’t seeing a lot of trees…unless you count saguaros. I like the toad picture, but wanted to give you some advice. The secret to a great toad photo is to tell them your best joke. If you can get them laughing, you can get some really memorable pictures.
    It looks like you guys had a really peaceful trip to an idyllic landscape.

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