Palm Springs Trailer Trash – Feb 2018

One of the big deals in Palm Springs during February is Modernism Week, which is all about mid-century modern architecture and design, which I would highly recommend attending (see my previous posts from 2015 on Modernism: A, B, C and D). If you haven’t been to Palm Springs, there really is some fabulous 50’s era… Read More Palm Springs Trailer Trash – Feb 2018

Airstream Makeover part 2 – Nov 2016

Week 2… Wanda is looking like a trailer again!   If you remember, last week the trailer and surroundings looked like this. After having the trailer gutted of everything but the shower stall, repairs have been made to the subflooring, new flooring is in, and fixtures have been reinstalled. This is a monumental amount of work… Read More Airstream Makeover part 2 – Nov 2016

Zero Day on the AT – July 2016

Since our servants were off duty this day, I took several weeks’ worth of laundry to the laundromat in Manchester, VT. While there, I struck up a conversation with some obvious hikers (I won’t say how I knew they were hikers – no actually, they had already showered). Yes, they were hiking the Appalachian Trail… Read More Zero Day on the AT – July 2016

Memorial Day Weekend in VA – May 2016

While clearly keeping in mind why we are celebrating this holiday weekend, for those who have lost their lives serving our country, we enjoyed a weekend of fellowship at the Memorial Day Weekend Rally at the Highland Haven Airstream Park, not too far down the road from Floyd, VA (home of the Floyd Country Store).… Read More Memorial Day Weekend in VA – May 2016

Canopener Cornhole – 2016

Today was the Canopener Cornhole Competition, a highly competitive event as part of the Airforums rally for Airstreams called Canopener, at Topsail SP in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. The cornhole event was made either more or less competitive as it followed Margaritaville (thank you Pat and Greg) and a homemade chili extravaganza (thank you everyone).… Read More Canopener Cornhole – 2016

Falluminum – Oct 2015

It has happened again – a truly magnificent weekend in the north Georgia mountains with Airstreams, vintage trailers and really cool people! Every year for the past 10++ years Alan and Shannon have organized a meet-up of like-minded folks who enjoy good company, breaking bread, and sharing their love for Airstreams and other really cool… Read More Falluminum – Oct 2015

Heading to Sioux City – July 2015

ROBERTS PARTY OF 4 TO SIOUX CITY! (Harken back to the iconic Hilltop Restaurant on Route 1 in Saugus, MA). The Roberts family is about to head to the real Sioux City in Iowa to participate in RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa), starting next weekend. RAGBRAI, with 8,500 participants, starts in Sioux… Read More Heading to Sioux City – July 2015