Airstream Makeover part 2 – Nov 2016

Week 2… Wanda is looking like a trailer again!   If you remember, last week the trailer and surroundings looked like this.



After having the trailer gutted of everything but the shower stall, repairs have been made to the subflooring, new flooring is in, and fixtures have been reinstalled.


This is a monumental amount of work that our Airstream technician has performed admirably. Airstream has treated us fairly, provided thoughtful, experienced, and technically qualified efforts. Why would you go anywhere else…

Fixtures start getting re-installed


The furniture and debris removed from our trailer and placed in the adjoining bay has now been trashed or re-installed. Last night I slept in the trailer at the Airstream terraport (quasi campground) and everything worked brilliantly.




Kitchen back in place

Now I could have done all this work myself. It would have taken me months, nothing would have worked, it would have looked terrible, and my bride would be furious at me. Because she is a slave to my rapier wit, boyish good looks, and highly sophisticated humor, that anger would not last more than, say, a year. There is artistry in writing a check instead.

New flooring, new mattress
Added new dinette table

We have brand new flooring, a new mattress for additional sleeping comfort as well as a new dinette table. Miscellaneous and mostly minimal repairs have been performed so everything is now working in tiptop shape.

And voila!

The next stage will be to have the cushions re-upholstered as well as new curtains; it will look and operate like a brand new trailer with these additions. Stay tuned, and I’ll be able to show you my upholstery and sewing tips and skills. Nothing replaces talent.

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