The BBQ Show – August 2015

Originally aired on Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) October, 2014, this was our first time actually seeing The BBQ Show, a show dedicated to the art of slow cooking meats. This is my 15 seconds of fame (actually less).

Having signed up for Sam Huff’s Pork University, my neighbor and I attended this daylong course on BBQ, and coincidentally GPB’s Georgia Traveler’s crew was there to film the event in preparation for this show. Alas, moi, star of stage and screen. As you might guess, the show has incredible intellectual depth (I think the “snake-in-the-cooler” only enhances this deep critical thinking).




For those of you unfamiliar, Sam Huff is a bit of a local celebrity as a result of his hugely popular BBQ1 restaurant (formerly Sam & Dave’s BBQ) and years of successful BBQ competitions. Each summer Sam conducts a few sessions of his Pork University, which because of its popularity is (somewhat) jokingly described as harder to get into than Harvard Law.






If you are located in Georgia check out BBQ1 (the restaurant) and try to catch The BBQ Show, which is aired on GPB every so often. If not in Georgia, well, you may have to suffice with these few pictures. Either way, get off your ass and go smoke something!

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