Heading West – May 2018

As mentioned previously, we are headed west, the first meaningful stop being to visit our son (the poor thing) in Denver.  From there we will head further west to Santa Barbara to torment the daughter of one of my best friends at her wedding.

We headed west from our highly regarded (by me only) escapade at TCPC in Crossville, and drove as far as Clarksville, TN.  If I am not mistaken, there was a song about the last train…

Anyway, we stopped at Spring Creek Campground, a private campground, which in and of its self is unusual for us.  But with summer temperatures arriving and wanting AC at night, we seem to be more inclined to visit private campgrounds that are close to our route if just for the electricity provided.



This campground is clearly a working person’s campground, not that there is anything wrong with that. Let me just say: not all campgrounds are equal.  If you’ve stayed at more than one campground you know this is true.


It was perfect for our purposes (overnight accommodations) but you will not find us vacationing there anytime soon.  Nonetheless, and true to my glass full, rose colored, silver lined  thinking, I found some really cool sights there.


There was this very cool barn which apparently is used for events – like rallies, to provide cover for eating, watching movies – whatever.  It was such a cool barn that I had to take a few pictures.




Inside the barn, of all things, was a candelabra!  I kid you not.



One of the things that is great about traveling is getting a different perspective.  We traveled predominantly off of any interstate highways, because you lose all touch with your surroundings when you are on the highways.  Anytime you head west you spend time in an agricultural environment, and this trip was no different.





Learning is important! We stopped at a berry farm, bought some strawberries, and learned (who knew?) that strawberries, as they are getting ripe, actually grow in small Tupperware containers.  How convenient is that for both farmers and consumers?  Wow!



And we drove by a huge glass plant.  Do you ever wonder how all the glass that goes in houses, buildings, cars, cameras, and anything else that uses glass gets made?  Clue:  Sand. Yup, ordinary sand (silica) gets heated to over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, melts and, voila – you have glass!  I am sure I haven’t simplified the process at all, but cool, right?

We continued on through every small town imaginable, some prosperous and others where the most prosperous business in the town was a bail bonds shop.  The economy, good or bad, doesn’t reach everyone the same way.

Lastly, we have made it to Missouri (a BEAUTIFUL state!) and are camped out at no less than the Candy Cane Campground in Steelville.  For you creepsters who remember the movie Joy Ride, you know the word candy cane has its own meaning.



On an unrelated note, pardon me now for this indiscretion.  I know this is an awkward discussion, but we are, after all, mere mortals.  I have thought about how I might be memorialized if I should go before my time.  How will my kids make a tribute to my life?

Today, the answer was served up to me, in the form of a bag of ice.  After stopping to refuel and buy a bag of ice, I noticed some writing on the back of the bag – “In Loving Memory…”  Wow.  Didn’t see that coming.

So that’s it.  The kids can memorialize me on a bag of ice!  How perfect is that?  If I die, just get me printed up on a bag of ice and we’ll call it a day.  Glad we could have this discussion.


Tomorrow we head towards Kansas City, where we have a few days planned to enjoy some good KC barbeque.   More from KC soon!

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