Weekend at Bernie’s (TCPC) – May 2021

For some reason, this weekend at TCPC (Tennessee Cumberland Plateau Campground) in Crossville, TN, made me think of Weekend at Bernie’s.  No, there was no embezzlement, heroin overdoses, or mafia hitmen (that I know of!), although there were a few shady characters.

But there was a lot of laughing.  And the weather couldn’t have been nicer.

There were a number of activities going on this weekend at this all-Airstream campground, including live music!  As former owners, but now guests, we did not attend the semi-annual members meeting.  For members who were not able to attend, below was the agenda:

  1. Opening comments
  2. Bedlam
  3. Closing comments

But it was great to visit to see old friends and new!  If you take a walk around the one-mile circuit around the campground, you should generally figure it’ll take you an hour or two, what with stopping to meet and chat with folks.

This Airstream campground is unique from all the other Airstream parks we have visited.  When you purchase a site (from others, like buying real estate), you become a member or shareholder in the campground.  Within limits, you can invest and build out your campsite as best fits your needs, and sell it when it no longer meets those needs.

Some folks have coverings over their patio areas, others have coverings over their trailer and patio, and some have no coverings at all.  Most have a fire pit or place to burn fire wood, although there is also a big fireplace at the clubhouse if it is a bit too cool to sit outside.  Many sites have limited outdoor cooking areas, and/or smokers for cooking meats.  Those with a good eye and a taste for gardening have fixed up their lots to look terrific.

There is a clubhouse that is perfect for special events, or just getting together with friends for a meal or card game.  There is a laundry (for a small fee) if you run out of clothes to wear.  And there are various crafts held from time to time. You can see AnnMarie getting ready for looming classes.  Personally, I think for an Airstream park it should be spelled Luming.

And if you have a hankering to visit (presuming you have an Airstream), there are a half dozen visitor sites with full hookups and a picnic table.

For anglers (catch and release only), canoers and daydreamers, head up to the lake for a moment of solitude.  Or follow any number of the trails that are on the park property.

Each campsite is unique, but all are somewhat spacious, heavily treed for shade and privacy, and set up for comfortable outdoor living.  Situated at about 2,000 feet elevation on the Cumberland Plateau, it enjoys relative cool temperatures.  If thinking of buying a lot here, do your planning.  At present there are very few sites for sale, and typically they go quickly – sometimes without even getting listed.  The park is open from mid-April to sometime in November.

TCPC is a little slice of heaven in Middle Tennessee!

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