Grand Canyon (AZ) – Feb 2015

A German Sheppard with opposable thumbs could probably take great pictures of the Grand Canyon, but here are a few of ours captured earlier today.


The Grand Canyon, particularly if you have not visited, is nothing less than spectacular – takes your breath away. You could see the rapids on the Colorado River, but being four miles away (and a mile down), you could not capture the power of the river.

We camped on the side of a dirt fire road less than a mile from the entrance to Grand Canyon. The camping scenery was nice, the price was right (free), and neighbors were non-existent (really nice). Temperatures dipped into the 20’s at night but during the day temps have been running in the low 60’s. This time of year there are very few visitors (relatively speaking), and we were able to drive out to Hermit’s Rest, which except for January and February you would not otherwise be allowed to drive out this road (shuttle bus only).

IMG_2409 IMG_2374 IMG_2391 IMG_2404 IMG_2426 IMG_2424

2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon (AZ) – Feb 2015

  1. You have the right idea. I used to have a German Shephard with opposable thumbs. We took him to the Grand Canyon with us. The photos don’t turn out like you would think. He puts the camera up to his eye, snaps the photo, and guess what?
    The frame is mostly filled with his nose. So don’t sell yourself short. These are great pictures.

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