Alaska (4) Iditarod etc. – June 2017

Chitina-to-Valdez-to-Anchorage-and beyond. This post is going to be all over the map. Emotionally, metaphorically, geographically… you pick. If your choice was emotionally or metaphorically, you probably found my blog in error. Spellcheck incorrectly sent you to this blog when what you tried to type in was Spellcheck: preferred by 9 out of 10 sociopaths.… Read More Alaska (4) Iditarod etc. – June 2017

Alaska (3) McCarthy Road – June 2017

McCarthy Road.  I have a close friend Jerry (I don’t really have a close friend Jerry, but it sounds cool) who says my entire blog is subject to low moral standards. He also says my blog has no redeeming value. I love that guy. Finally, someone with integrity! We continue our journey in the Wrangell-St.… Read More Alaska (3) McCarthy Road – June 2017

Alaska (2) Nabesna Road – June 2017

Nabesna Road.  I am beginning to think we may suffer from visual overload on this trip. Driving south from Tok, AK, we arrived at the northern portion of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. I will be honest – I had never heard of this national park before arriving. This is the largest national… Read More Alaska (2) Nabesna Road – June 2017

Yukon: Ice Road Trailers – June 2017

Yukon.  Does a bear shit in the woods? That, and other timeless questions answered in this post. Or not. You’ve heard of Ice Road Truckers? We’re calling this edition of the blog Ice Road Trailers. Yes, we took Wanda up the Dempster Highway and into the Artic Circle, but we’ll get to all of that.… Read More Yukon: Ice Road Trailers – June 2017

British Columbia – May 2017

British Columbia.  You are now entering the world famous Alaska Highway! Yes indeed, we have crossed out of Alberta (which was unbelievable), and entered northern British Columbia (BC) just south of Dawson Creek. Now keep in mind that while I title this post British Columbia, that is inherently unfair to British Columbia because we have… Read More British Columbia – May 2017