Old Friends – Aug 2018

It’s nice to see old friends.

We recently stopped at The Velvet Goose in Gardner, MA to see an old college classmate of mine.  The Velvet Goose if you are not familiar, offers clothing, gifts and other very cool stuff. On this particular day, Gardner had its center of town closed off for a little fair of sorts – pretty cool, and a really neat down town!


Approximately a hundred years ago, Patti Bergstrom and I attended graduate school at Babson College in Wellesley, MA for our MBA’s.  Much to the amazement of the college, family and friends, we both graduated!  That was, shall we say, a miracle.  But nonetheless, we got the tee shirt.  Or whatever it is you get when you graduate.  A job.




Fast-forward to some days ago, we were traveling across central Massachusetts and stopped at Patti’s shop (The Velvet Goose) to say hi.


Now remember, we haven’t seen each other in close to 40 years.  Well, it was as if that 40-year gap had never existed.  Within seconds, we were hugging, laughing, and sharing stories from our memorable moments at Babson.  Memorable moments, by the way, are becoming more and more elusive, so always good to grab them when they show up.



We recollected about activities, friends, who was where and doing what – all that normal stuff. While we couldn’t remember all our classmates, we talked about the likes of Tom Wilcox, Mark Stoeckle, Alan Rogers, Mark Harney, and others – and hoped they are all doing well.




Anyway, it is always a breath of fresh air to get to see old friends.  Probably much to her displeasure, I consider Patti an old friend.  Good to see you, old friend!


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