New Digs – Oct 2018

I know, I know, we have been remiss posting for a while.  Sometimes life gets in the way of reporting on life.  This will be a short post, but just wanted everyone to know we are alive and well!

We successfully closed on our new house in New Hampshire several weeks ago, and we are still living a bit out of boxes – I won’t show you much inside, as my bride would kill me since we are in such a state of furniture and moving box disharmony.  But it is all coming along – more on our new house in a second.

First, we had to sell and move out of our house in Marietta (GA).  Since we had no plans to move prior to our trip this summer, it was a full court press when we returned home from our summer trip.  Long story short, we packed our stuff, found a lovely, fun young family to buy our place, and said goodbye (for now) to dear friends.

Old house packed with boxes


Us with new owners Kyle and Laura
And dear friends Kyle and Cherie
The Old Hood – Photo thanks to Calanit
The Old Hood – Photo thanks to Calanit

Dottie and I towed the trailer up to NH with Karen taking her car with a load of stuff. Dottie stressed at first, but then got into her zen state.  I think she pretty much lives in a zen state.  I want to come back as a dog.


While we loved our old house, we love our new house in this quaint New Hampshire sea-coastal town of Hampton Falls.  Here are a few quick pics for those who haven’t seen our new place…

Hampton Falls, NH





The leaves are changing and we are getting our old New England groove on.  One of the first priorities:  Must.  Get.  Seafood.  We had never been to Petey’s on the beach in Rye, but ooh la la!  Can you say chowdah, lobstah and fisherman’s plattah?


As I mentioned, the inside of the house is still a mess, but we’re getting there.  Below you can see a picture of the kitchen before we moved in, and then see it in its’ almost current state (not so many days ago).


Exhaustion and disarray

We do have a wood burning stove in one of the rooms, and we are definitely looking forward to putting it to use.



My office is getting there. Obviously, the first adornment to go in was Business Man.

Business Man from artist and dear friend Michael McGuire


In a tribute to all things great, we have the beer refrigerator and TV situated properly in the garage.  No vehicles mind you, but beer and football.


And as for the outside, well, a guy has to mow the lawn, and with a 2+ acre lot, a standard push mower is not the right tool.  Go big or go home.

Lawn bitch and his mower

One of our neighbors offered up some firewood, so we have started accumulating wood for the winter. Between the wood burning stove, the fire pit and the smoker, I expect it will go quickly.



We are set up for entertaining out on the back deck – we just need guests!


There was a kind of gnarly structure out back that I wasn’t sure what to do with, but then with a little inspiration, a fresh coat of paint, some crushed stone and bada bing – we have a smoke house!  Looking forward to smoking some meats!




Oh, did I mention we are about 2-3 miles down back roads to the Smuttynose Brewery?  So there’s that.




I have taken delivery of our new snow blower, and expect it will get a decent workout this winter. And for now, we are going to put Wanda into storage for the winter until we can figure out how to keep her here on the property – a challenge for another day.

And we haven’t done any hiking, biking, kayaking in months now.  All in good time.

Stay warm – we’ll keep you updated on our progress!  Glad we could have this chat.

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