Booth Western Art Museum – April 2015

Eclectic. I’ll come back to this. Yesterday we spent a good part of the day visiting the Booth Western Art Museum, in Cartersville, GA. This is a stunning art museum and I cannot wait to return.


With 120,000 square feet of space, there is much to see here, and it is fabulous. Eclectic in fact; while housing the largest collection of western art in the country, it also boasts Civil War art, presidential portraits and photos, as well as special exhibits such as Clyde Aspevig’s landscape paintings (this was my favorite exhibit!).


This museum may easily be the most unlikely museum in the most unlikely place, but it works – big time. We will be back! And you should add it to your list if you are in or plan to be in the metro Atlanta area. But make sure you leave enough time. We spent hours there until we were “visually exhausted”, but there was way more to see that we just couldn’t get to.

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