Vegas, baby – Jan 2015

Throw back to January… I am at a loss to describe the traumatic physiological or psychological disturbance in my life that has caused me to want to operate earth-moving equipment. To satisfy my testosterone imbalance, Karen and the kids bought me for Christmas a session with an excavator in, you guessed it, Las Vegas, NV! What a blast!!


For about 2 hours I operated an excavator in an empty lot in downtown Las Vegas within sight of the big casinos – digging holes, moving dirt and stacking old tires. I ask you – who wouldn’t want to do that? Well, in many discussions with people since that time, it appears most people have absolutely no interest, and actually look at me with a newfound level of distrust and disbelief.

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So I go on with my life, albeit quietly, and think longingly for the day when I can move a hill with a bulldozer, lift an iron girder with a crane, drive a dump truck or some other such foolishness. Such is life in the slow lane.

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