Out of Town Guests – Sept 2021

We travel 1,200 miles to get out of town, and who follows us?  Our neighbors!  Stalkers.  And where does it go from there?  Do they think we want to go out and see beautiful sights, eat lobster, shuck oysters and eat fresh seafood with them?  I mean, what’s next.

Seriously, we were delighted to have Calanit and her mother Stephanie, friends (and neighbor) from the hood, visit us on the coast.  I have to say, the New Hampshire and Maine coastline just never gets old.  It is as spectacular in bad weather as it is in pristine weather, although we had very good weather.

The New Hampshire coastline, Portsmouth and other small towns, is a treat all in its’ own.

We stopped in Kittery (Maine) because while in Portsmouth someone told us that to get the best crullers in the world, you had to visit Lil’s in downtown Kittery Foreside.  Well, let me just say, we did, and they were superb.  Unbelievable.

We continued our journey from Kittery, out to Kittery point, and on up to York, Maine.  Between Hampton, NH and York, ME are about 25 miles of some really iconic New England sights and gorgeous coastline.

By the way, Mainers are a hardy group – don’t get between them and their firewood.

And of course, the Nubble Lighthouse in York, ME (one of many lighthouses along the coast) is always a stunning view, regardless of weather.

Also located in York, besides the obligatory tourist shopping experience, is a short but beautiful path, called the Marginal Way.  This mile+ trail affords beautiful coastline views along the York coastline.  New England gardens and wildflowers never disappoint.

One of our stops was at Stonewall Kitchen, also in York.  Started originally not a ¼ mile from our cottage, this store and cooking school is now a major destination in Maine – think the L.L. Bean of cooking.  Amongst many other products, if you haven’t had their pancake batter (particularly with fresh Maine blueberries), you have not had breakfast.  Their school hosts many classes, and even for the non-shopper like me, this is a pretty cool place.

Summer has passed, but always nice to see friends, and always nice to explore the coastline.  Always something new.

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