Independence Day – July 2015

We have much to be thankful for, and celebrating the birth of our great nation for us is steeped in neighborhood. We celebrated with our immediate neighbors, many who participate and offer something of themselves to make the entire day a delight, whether it be food, music, desserts, sparklers, fireworks, or treats for the kids. Special thanks to Kim and Pete for hosting the best seats in the house for fireworks and thanks to everyone who contributed to make this a special day!

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But you ask – how do you deliver such great fireworks? First, you need professional grade equipment. Don’t try this at home – we are seasoned professionals.

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4 thoughts on “Independence Day – July 2015

    1. Oh yes – we ARE in a great neighborhood! Of course having a good time is not a problem when you have BBQ, beer and gun powder. The fireworks were fun (camera) shooting; at one point had an exposure of 20 seconds. It was fun taking pictures, but next year I will be back to torching the fireworks myself.

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