Lake Allatoona – May 2015

The most dramatic stories and pictures often seem to be from far off and remote places you traveled miles to see. How about those places close to home? Of recent I have been exploring by kayak Lake Allatoona, 30 minutes away in Emerson, GA. While admittedly during the nice sunny weekends this lake can be a bit “Wally World-ish” with motorboats, during the week (as I am fortunate enough to do) it is a different and beautiful world, populated almost exclusively by turtles, birds, fishermen, and the occasional kayak.

Even as a man-made lake carved out of the Etowah River, this Corps of Engineers lake is a beautiful place. By boat you can find multiple Ospreys and their nests, and I have heard that there is at least one eagles nest on the lake. While reachable only by boat, on my last outing I found a natural and shaded beach with sandy bottom that turned out to be a great spot to stop, have a snack and go for a dip. This is a great place to go paddling but bring your GPS – the lake is deceptively big with lots of fingers.

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