We are not “foodies”, but have come upon some pretty cool food establishments, either for their drop-dead great meals or distinctive character.  Here are a few pictures of places to eat that captured our attention in our journeys.  Bon appetit!

Red’s Eats – in Wiscasset, ME.  Can you say lobster roll?


Elephantine Bakery – a cozy, GREAT bakery in downtown Portsmouth, NH – a must visit
Best Bloody Mary (OK, 2nd best – to Annette’s BM’s at Canopener) at the T-Bar, Steamboat (CO)


Nellie E’s may not be the best food you’ll ever eat, but it is in the most unique setting you’ll ever enjoy!

Double Eagle Restaurant in Old Mesilla (NM) – home of the Award Winning Margarita (they aren’t kidding)
Best Buffalo Wings we have ever had… Duff’s, Buffalo area (NY)


Our all-time favorite fried fish joint – Woodman’s in Essex, MA


Pizzeria Bianco – Even though I am not a big pizza fan, this was just unbelievable, in Phoenix, AZ.  We had the Biancoverde pizza (Mozzarella, Parmesan, Ricotta cheeses with Arugula sprinkled on top.  Wow!  I’m a fan.  Karen found this place, as it had been rated in the NY Times as the best pizza place in America.  No argument. (2/16)


Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert, AZ.  This is a “must stop” for lunch – fresh everything – and delicious! (2/16)


Are we talking burgers?  The BEST!  Ann’s Snack Bar in Atlanta, GA.  Don’t be off-put by the looks of the place.  Well, maybe you should.  But either way the burgers are the best! (12/15)


Ghetto Burger at Ann’s Snack Bar – OMG!  Ghettout!


Terry Black’s Barbecue in Austin, TX – One of the best BBQ joints out there – brisket and beef ribs to die for (3/18)


Guayo’s El Rey – Best Mexican food I have ever had. Ever. Miami, AZ (2/15 and 2/16)


Gunshot – In Atlanta, GA – this is the restaurant you want to go to.  Expensive, but oh so good – and interesting!!  The various chefs bring around their creations from which you can choose – or not.  My recommendation?  Try everything.


Hilltop’s Steak House – Gone, but not forgotten. Paahty of 4 for Sioux City!  Saugus, MA


Modern Pastry in the North End of Boston is a great stop after dinner.


Shady Grove in Austin, TX is a great place for green chili/ cheese french fries


Found this FABULOUS food truck in Kennebunk, ME. Swordfish sandwiches, fried clams, lobster rolls… Killer.


O.H.S.O. in Scottsdale, AZ is a great little place right along the canal. We road our bikes, and it is very dog friendly.


Oasis is a place in Mecca, CA to buy dates (and you can taste their varieties). But what is unbelievable are their date shakes! Just sayin’.


We were somewhere on the coast of Maine. Living’ large.


GREAT place for BBQ in Atlanta, GA – Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q


Between the Owl Cafe and Buckhorn’s down the street in San Antonio, NM, the BEST green chili cheeseburgers you’ll ever get.


Owl Cafe inside


Buckhorn – this and the Owl Cafe for green chili cheeseburgers.  San Antonio, NM.


Thinking a grilled cheese around midnight might do the trick? The Museum of Electronic Wonders and Late Night Grilled Cheese Parlour in Marfa, TX is really your best choice.