Heading to Sioux City – July 2015

ROBERTS PARTY OF 4 TO SIOUX CITY! (Harken back to the iconic Hilltop Restaurant on Route 1 in Saugus, MA).

The Roberts family is about to head to the real Sioux City in Iowa to participate in RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa), starting next weekend. RAGBRAI, with 8,500 participants, starts in Sioux City and the ride literally crosses the state ending in Davenport (the route changes each year).

Karen will ride a good chunk of the route each day (the entire ride is close to 500 miles). The kids will join us in Sioux City next weekend and participate in the ride on Sunday. Yours truly will be the Sherpa for the week; will peel the grapes, fan my bride, and make sure the gear and Airstream get to where they should be be each day (think “roadie”).





Bikes, gear and water loaded; will post further as the trip unfolds!

7 thoughts on “Heading to Sioux City – July 2015

  1. Wow. We’re in the same part of the country, Brad! We were in St.Louis over the weekend. We’re in Omaha, NE but will head through Sioux City either this evening or tomorrow on our way to Rapid City. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for you!

      1. So, a funny thing happened this evening. We were traveling North on I-29 this evening around 6:00 pm when we entered South Dakota. None of us have ever been to South Dakota. How is it even possible that I would look up and see someone I know?! I never imagined we would ACTUALLY see you! Did you notice us waving and honking from I-29 as you turned into the KOA? Sure would have been nice to stop but we had to make it to the Corn Palace by dark. 😉 Happy Trails in South Dakota, Slowskys!

      2. That is so funny!! Karen had just said to me, “hey, who is the a@$hole blowing their horn?”. Kidding. We are enjoying ourselves in this redneck riviera – really sweet. I think this is why we almost never stay at private campgrounds. Safe travels – enjoy the corn palace!

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