Palm Springs break – Jan 2016

Talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous! After spending multiple days boondocking in the Mojave Desert we are now situated in Palm Springs at an RV resort (Outdoor Resort). This could not be more different than where we came from.


The weather in Palm Springs this time of year is nothing less than pristine. And of course the views, even from our trailer, are fabulous looking into the mountains that overlook Palm Springs.

This RV resort offers full amenities, including multiple pools and an 18-hole golf course (par 3, played it yesterday – the grounds are in pristine condition).


I am pretty sure we must have said to ourselves that this is the kind of place we would never find ourselves in (way too fancy), yet it turns out to be a breath of fresh air. Of course, prices reflect the amenities. This place is great, though.

Nestled in one of the small trees on our particular site is a hummingbird nest. Ever wonder how small a humming bird egg is? As you might guess, pretty damn small (about the size of a small jellybean)! The mother has been sitting on her two eggs – I doubt we will get to see the hatchlings but pretty interesting none-the-less.



While Palm Springs is such a unique and attractive town, we have found ourselves on this trip spending very little time in town. Yesterday we made a trip to our favorite farmers market and loaded up on fresh vegetables and olive oil – ooh la la! With the purchase of some baby back ribs, we smoked them for dinner last night on my small charcoal grill. They were superb! So no dining at Melvyn’s this trip to people-watch.



Palm Springs gets some ridiculous high number of sunny days per year, but today is a “rain” day – if you can consider this rain. We did see a rainbow – proof we had rain.


Tomorrow we will depart the world of amenities, internet access, full hookups and Palm Springs and continue our journey into the desert. More to report later!

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