Modernism Week (a) – Feb 2015

This is not your father’s camper. Oops… my bad; maybe it is! During Modernism Week in Palm Springs, CA there was a vintage camper collection on display that was to die for. There were approximately 50 various Airstreams, Streamlines, Greyhound buses, Shastas… too many different and unique brands to remember. The common theme was that these… Read More Modernism Week (a) – Feb 2015

Modernism Week (b) – Feb 2015

Palm Springs, CA is my shiny new object, particularly as it relates to residential real estate. This town gushes with architectural design, to the point that you could write a book about great architectural design and never walk more than 3 blocks! The silly part is trying to provide just a few good examples when… Read More Modernism Week (b) – Feb 2015

Road Day, Southern CA – Feb 2015

Having woken up in our boon docking site nestled somewhere between the Picacho Mountain Wilderness and the Imperial Valley Sand Dunes, we used this day as a pretty relaxed “road day”. Both Lucy and Rosie got a little off-leash exercise (keep in mind Lucy is at least 17 years old – and still runs like… Read More Road Day, Southern CA – Feb 2015

Borrego Springs – Jan 2015

Assume for a moment that there are not a million acres of beautiful desert surrounding you, and you have just landed in this really quaint town called Borrego Springs, CA. Borrego Springs has had a champion (since passed away) named Dennis Avery (heir to the Avery Dennison label company) as a huge benefactor. Aside from… Read More Borrego Springs – Jan 2015

Anza-Borrego SP – Jan 2015

Just when you thought you had seen everything there was that was beautiful, we entered Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, located in southern California. Wow. We camped at the Borrego Palm Canyon Campground, in the sites that have no facilities (no water or electric). Clearly these sites are the prettiest (and most private) in the campground.… Read More Anza-Borrego SP – Jan 2015