Hampton Beach – Jan 2019

What comes to mind when you hear Hampton Beach (New Hampshire)?  If you are familiar with Hampton Beach, you’ll probably say the beach, the boardwalk, casinos, bars, night clubs, food stands, miniature golf, water slides, concerts, and maybe a roller coaster.  

If you don’t know Hampton Beach, then maybe you think… ahhh… I don’t know, a beach, a boardwalk, casinos, bars, night clubs, food stands, miniature golf, water slides, concerts, and maybe a roller coaster.

Right again!

Technically, Hampton Beach is not a town (it is a part of the Town of Hampton), but instead is considered a village district.  Useless fact. It is approximately 45 minutes from Boston and maybe 15-20 minutes from Portsmouth, NH.  Two potentially useless facts.  Don’t worry – I’ve got more.

Regardless, this is after all, January, soon to be February.  Beach activities are a bit curtailed at the moment.  But I wanted to see what Hampton Beach looked like off-season; take a peek behind the curtain so to speak.

The approach to Hampton Beach, which literally sits on a spit of land, is surrounded by the bay and marshes on the inland side, and of course the Atlantic Ocean on the other.

Marshes and tidal basin looking toward Hampton Beach

While in the summer, the beach is crazy with young and old, seasonal rentals, traffic and endless activities, this time of year it is still an active, albeit less active, commercial fishing area.

Lobster traps

Imagine yourself here in the summer, when it’s not just one lunatic photographer on the beach. Shops, restaurants, activities, and approximately 80 free concerts during the summer would keep anyone busy. Not me, really, but you – definitely.

Free concerts in the summer
Hampton Beach Casino

Need a place to stay? There are hotels, motels, and beach houses you can rent.  The Hampton Beach State Park offers camping that is right next to the beach – and right on the Hampton River, if you can get a spot.

Hampton Beach State Park – under a blanket of snow

The boardwalk and beaches are really pretty cool, although that may be easier to say in January than it is in the middle of August.  You can even go on the Hampton Beach “Beachcam” (https://www.hamptonbeach.org/beach-cam/)   to see what’s happening right now!

Even if you are not a “beach” type of person there is beauty to behold here year-round – you don’t need to look far.

There is something very therapeutic about being on or near the beach – regardless of time of year. Hope you get a chance to enjoy!

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