4th of July – 2016

Brexit… schmexit. We just plain old celebrated the 4th of July. Whether you were one of the 60,000 people in Atlanta who ran the Peachtree, cooked on the barbecue, stayed close to the pool, marveled at the brilliance of the Declaration of Independence, or sat with a book to while away the oppressive heat of the day, it’s all good. Clearly we have to celebrate the fact that we can do any one of these things – the freedoms we enjoy!




Dottie showing her spirit

On a local level, the Prince Howardians stepped up once again and showed the power of neighborhood and community. Yes, there were fireworks, and yes, I would consider they would match and maybe exceed what you might find in Marietta Square or Lenox Square. But more importantly the neighborhood came out and showed a connection and shared something with one another that seems to me to be quite rare today.


Getting in line for snow cones



So here are a few pictures from the day. I might add that if the eight year olds in the neighborhood had their choice, Karen might be on her way to sainthood as a result of the snow cones she made for all the kids.







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