Airstream Makeover part 1 – Nov 2016

If you’ve ever owned a home, a boat, a pool or a lawn mower, you know from time to time they need work. Trailers, even Airstreams, are no exception.


I am here at the Airstream Service Center in Jackson Center, OH.  Upon arrival at the terra port, I was greeted by this sorry looking fellow and his very lovely wife.  How thoughtful of Airstream to have a greeting committee!


More friends watching our backs!

This may be more “make-right” than “make-over”. We have Wanda in the Airstream service center because we had water damage and wanted to get it corrected prior to travel plans next year; new flooring is on top of our agenda. 

Inside the service center

When Airstreams are built, one of the first components built into the trailer is the flooring; so in order to change out the flooring almost the entire inside of the trailer needs to come out.  The removal of furniture, plumbing fixtures and just about everything else begins!

Dinette – gone
Kitchen and sofa – gone



It is amazing how much stuff has to come out of the trailer in order begin removing the flooring. You can see in the pictures the amount of stuff – it takes up the entire next service bay!  I won’t lie – this whole process makes me very nervous, although I have a great tech working on this project.



The water damage came as a result of water seeping in the back of the trailer; water ran down the back of the trailer and seeped in near the rear bumper. Over the course of time this water seeped in as far as the rear door and caused a soft spot that you could feel with your foot.

Water has done its job on this sub flooring



The service technician has at this point removed the subflooring and installed new subflooring, water tested the trailer to make sure there are no further leaks, and will begin soon the installation of new flooring.

Partial new subfloor installed




All for now – see you next week!

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