Graduation Day – May 2020

Another year of graduating students!  Or was it just another year!?!  I believe this year was, shall we say, distinctive. Let’s consider the traditional high school or college graduation ceremony.  I won’t lie – I don’t remember a damn thing about my graduation ceremonies.  I don’t have pictures of my high school graduation, and my… Read More Graduation Day – May 2020

The Prince Howard Way – Apr 2020

I call it the Prince Howard Way, because this neighborhood has clearly been touched with love and compassion.  When asked recently to donate for healthcare workers at the local hospital, the neighborhood quickly responded with acts of kindness, caring, and consideration. I know this is not just happening in our neighborhood; it is surely happening… Read More The Prince Howard Way – Apr 2020

Lake Havasu City (AZ) – Feb 2020

You know your unhealthy interest in fireworks is excessive if it has caused you to make a 1,500-mile trip to attend the Western Winter Blast, an assemblage of like-minded individuals who have a slightly outsized and unnatural attraction to exploding cylinder shells. Combine Woodstock (add 40 years to the average attendee’s age), the tailgating of… Read More Lake Havasu City (AZ) – Feb 2020

2019 in Review – Dec 2019

Let’s just say 2019 was an unusual year, with probably the least amount of RV travel in many years. The year started with us financially supporting the medical community.  Between a skiing accident and broken bone, shoulder surgery and a hip replacement for my bride, I believe we were wildly successful.  Please feel free to… Read More 2019 in Review – Dec 2019

Christmas Caroling – Dec 2019

Chock up another year of neighborhood caroling!  Yes, the Carol Caravan made it through the hood unscathed, with much joy, many laughs and some great singing! Like any year we have done this, we start with the basics… a trailer with hay, lights (as gaudy as possible), a heavy marketing campaign (a sign), carolers, parental… Read More Christmas Caroling – Dec 2019

Kentucky Bourbon Festival – Sept 2019

You know life has gone moderately well when you spend a week in Bardstown, KY (the bourbon capitol of the world) to attend the annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival. What do you get when you mix good friends and bourbon?  In my experience, typically an arrest warrant.  Not this time.  We were on our very best… Read More Kentucky Bourbon Festival – Sept 2019

Castles Made of Sand – June 2019

And so castles made of sand fall in the sea eventually Jimi Hendrix Technically, they will be removed by a bulldozer.  But not just yet.  And I guess technically they are not sandcastles.  Alright, have your way.  Check out these sculptures from this year’s Hampton Beach (NH) Master Sand Sculpting Classic! We continue our Northeast… Read More Castles Made of Sand – June 2019

Gospel Night at the Pops – June 2019

Can I get an amen?  We attended Gospel Night at the Pops inside Boston’s Symphony Hall last night.  Let me just say Hallelujah! After meeting with friends and enjoying an unbelievable dinner in Eataly at La Pizza e La Pasta (let me just say – this was SUPERB!), we walked the short distance from the… Read More Gospel Night at the Pops – June 2019

Shoulder Surgery Update – June 2019

A special thanks goes to Dr. Josh Siegel and the entire team (surgical center, physical therapy, tanning salon, latte bar) at Access Sports Medicine in Exeter, NH for the great work they did repairing and rehabilitating my left rotator cuff.  Way to go!  With every day, I’m feeling more and more like my old self,… Read More Shoulder Surgery Update – June 2019

Boston Marathon – Apr 2019

Best of luck to the runners in tomorrow’s 123rd running of the Boston Marathon! There is lots of history and tradition in the Boston area on this Patriots’ Day, a day in New England that commemorates the beginning of the Revolutionary War.   Activities include parades and battle reenactments in places like Lexington and Concord.  More widely… Read More Boston Marathon – Apr 2019

Shoulder Surgery, Again! – Feb 2019

For those of you who have wasted the last four years as a result of reading this blog, you know that I previously went under the knife and had shoulder surgery.  I am doing it again in a week.  I’m doing it with a real doctor this time – no more hair stylist interns performing surgery on… Read More Shoulder Surgery, Again! – Feb 2019

The Day Bill Belichick Smiled – Feb 2019

Like mentioned in a post previously, if you are talking about your baseball team in November, that is goodness.  And if you are talking about your football team in February, that too is sweet.  Sorry, did I not mention the 2019 Superbowl Champions are the New England Patriots? If you know anything about New Englanders, there are… Read More The Day Bill Belichick Smiled – Feb 2019

Tis the Season – Dec 2018

First, a moment of respect and a thousand points of light for George H. W. Bush.  RIP,  41. Please, in the name of all things sacred to young children, DO NOT let your children read this post any further unattended!  Parental supervision is highly recommended. Most of us recognize truth as being independent of belief. … Read More Tis the Season – Dec 2018

Boston’s Red Sox Parade – Oct 2018

If you are talking about baseball in October, something has gone right.  And this year something has gone REALLY right!  Yes, the Red Sox are World Champions, having beaten the New York Yankees for the ALCS, and the LA Dodgers in the baseball World Series. Now if you have been a Red Sox fan for… Read More Boston’s Red Sox Parade – Oct 2018

Photography – Sept 2018

Engineers tortured since birth must dominate the design of photographic equipment.  Their mission is to torment the rest of us with obscure concepts that begins with f stops.  F stops, really?  I say f that. The world of photography is amazingly complex – which is why photographic equipment is so advanced – and expensive.  But… Read More Photography – Sept 2018

Block Party – Aug 2018

You’re thinking – the Slowsky’s attended another block party?  Yup.  This year was no exception – a great time in the hood at the Reza Roundup. As I have spoken endlessly before, we live in a great neighborhood, where people actually talk, play, socialize – and enjoy!  And really, when the school bus empties every… Read More Block Party – Aug 2018