Airstreaming Part 1: The Places – Dec 2021

What is it that you love about Airstreams?  If you own an Airstream, you have been asked this question countless times.  And if you don’t own one, you may have asked this question of others.

I got to thinking about how significant and impactful Airstreaming has been for my bride and me over the years.  And our kids.  We have kids, right?  Do I remember that correctly?

Indeed, Airstreaming was a way for us to torture our kids – make them travel with us when they were younger and see beautiful places.  Oh, the drudgery.  They will both be forever emotionally stunted.

My thoughts began recently, as we were sitting on the side of I-75 at Carroll’s Sausage in Ashburn, GA. Carroll’s has amazing sausages and a campground right on I-75.  I mean, right on I-75.  We’ve stopped at rest areas that were further separated from the highway.  Between the highway sounds, sirens, and nearby train tracks, it is a little slice of heaven.  Celebrate the little moments.

To provide perspective, we have been Airstreaming over 20 years, currently own our 4th Airstream trailer and our 5th Airstream (my wife bought a B-190 – the precursor to the Interstate).  We have probably, without exaggeration, travelled a half million miles with our Airstreams – likely more.  Airstreams don’t have odometers, and we are not that anal.

I usually think in threes, so I figure there are three perspectives that contribute to Airstreaming.  Of course, there is the Airstream itself.  Airstreams are iconic; almost like comfort food, they just make you feel good.  Second, there is the Airstream community, which is that most awesome collection of Airstream owners and disreputable characters who travel the planet and provide an enormous amount of support, encouragement, and love to other “streamers”.  Third (which is where we will begin), are the places to be seen.  Now these places aren’t specific to Airstreaming – you could visit them in any old RV.  But I will say that seeing them in an Airstream is way cooler.

We think have been “everywhere”, and yet when we stop to camp and meet another Airstreamer and they ask us have you been “there”, we say no – never heard of it!  This country is so big and beautiful it is simply impossible to see it all, which I guess is another way of saying start now – you’ll never run out of beautiful and interesting places to visit.

This post is the first of three celebrating Airstreaming… beginning here with “where” (places we have been), part 2 will be “who” (the Airstream community), and part 3 will be “what” (Airstreams themselves).

So below, in no order, are a “few” select pictures from some of the places we have been…. Note:  The cutting room floor is littered with 10x the number of pictures I am including.

Stay tuned for the “people” – the Airstream community…


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