November in New England – Nov 2018

More accurately, this post could have been labeled “Everything Within 5 Miles of our House”. OK, so we haven’t done a lot of traveling in the last few months.  Well, except for moving 1,200 miles north.  So this post is really more about our November.

The Airstream is winterized and tucked away in our yard for the winter – no plans to travel until spring.


And I know I should have taken fall foliage pictures because the foliage (and views) here is spectacular. But I didn’t.  My bad.  Next year.

It wasn’t long into November when we had a freeze, and there hasn’t been much looking back since.  I have shoveled the driveway twice so far, and it is not yet Thanksgiving, if that gives you any sense of what we have in store.


We have latched onto the New England vibe pretty quickly.  We have met a few of our neighbors.  While they look an awful lot like chickens, don’t be confused.  Lovely people, really.


Speaking of chickens, I have converted what must have been an old chicken coop into a smoke house. I managed to torch a brisket (sad) using a bad thermometer, but have since corrected the situation with a proper one – and have since smoked a number of ribs with great success!





Speaking of smoked meats, we (Karen) found a really interesting whole-animal butcher shop (Maine Meat), located nearby in downtown Kittery (that’s Maine for you out-of-towners) that sources their entire meat selection from local farmers.  This place is awesome!


For kayaking, I have found a couple of put-ins, although quite frankly the temperatures may tend to push me into spring for this activity.  And around here, everything depends on the tide.  The tidal marshes here are drop dead gorgeous, though.




I just got my boots and skis, and I am ready to hit the slopes!  “Hit” may be the operative here –we shall see.  I have only been on the boards one time last winter in the last huge number of years, and I got spanked then.


Turns out, though, for us old folks, if you live in New Hampshire and you are 65 or older, you can ski for free during the week at Cannon Mountain!  Can I get an amen?  Cannon sits right on the Appalachian Trail (AT), so if you are winter hiking the AT, and you see me, say hey!


On the seacoast in New England, much has to do with ships, whether it be fishing, cargo or naval. There is a rich tradition in the Portsmouth/Kittery area for naval history, in particular with the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, which commenced ship building operations in 1800 and even today provides overhaul and modernization of US Navy submarines.  Ship building in the Portsmouth/Kittery area actually goes back to 1690.

I toured the USS Albacore, a research Naval submarine built in the early 50’s that is on display for tours. Pretty cool, although I am completely certain that I have no desire to go underwater in any submarine.






And of course – firewood. We have had our first installment (2 ½ cords) of firewood delivered… dumped on the driveway, and then stacked by yours truly. We have a couple more cords of wood coming, so we can feed our wood-burning stove.  And smoker.  And fire pit.




So on this Thanksgiving, as we await our full flock to arrive, may you and yours enjoy a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving!  All for now from the great white north!





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