Shoulder Surgery – July 2015

July seems to be healthcare month; all four family members in some way, shape or form contributing to the healthcare economy. For me, it is shoulder surgery on a full tear rotator cuff. Owee.


As you can see, I am in my best go-to-the-outpatient-facility threads in preparation for surgery. My bride thinks I look like an indigent homeless guy (no disrespect to indigent homeless guys).  That probably gives you a clue how she sees me the rest of the year.

The real story behind my injury is far less interesting than what it could have been. In fact, I asked my doctor when he sewed me up, could he make it look like a bullet wound so I could add some cred for my peeps. He suggested, “How about a vicious knife wound instead”.  I love this guy.

All is well, surgery completed, and I can look forward to months of therapy with Nurse Ratched whenever that begins. Fortunately for me I have Saint Karen to attend to me at home.  I think we all knew she had her dance card punched for heaven, but this probably locks her in.

3 thoughts on “Shoulder Surgery – July 2015

  1. Brad, I think you look just fine which probably explains why the indigent homeless people cross over to the other side of the street when they see me coming. Glad you have the surgery behind you. Good luck with rehab.

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