White Mountains of NH – Sept 2023

September is the quintessential month for camping.  Is it because the air is dry, the temperatures are cool, and the leaves are starting to turn?  No.  It’s because young families are home buying school supplies, taking kids to soccer, and fighting virulent diseases in daycare centers.  That leaves us old, cranky misanthropes to scour the… Read More White Mountains of NH – Sept 2023

Airstream Service – May 2023

Another notch in the belt of spending our kids’ inheritance… we recently arrived for the coveted Airstream service appointment at the Airstream factory in Jackson Center, OH.  I delight in explaining to people that over the years we have almost single handedly paid for their new manufacturing facilities. And as you might expect, this place… Read More Airstream Service – May 2023

Rocky Mountain High – May 2023

Colorado Rocky Mountain highI’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the skyFriends around the campfire and everybody’s high Everyone has heard John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High, but we got to experience it.  Our son and daughter-in-law, who got married in November, held their reception this past weekend just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park.  The roughly… Read More Rocky Mountain High – May 2023

The Basilica of ATX – May 2023

No, we are not at Saint Peter’s Basilica.  But we are near a royal place.  People have their own most reverent places to go. Folks might go to Saint Peter’s, the Hurva Synagogue, the Pashupatinath Temple, the Masjid al‑Haram Mosque.  The Simpsons go to the First Church of Springfield.  The Slowskys go to Franklin’s BBQ… Read More The Basilica of ATX – May 2023

Winter in New England – Apr 2023

Greetings from the great white north (Eh, Hoser?).  We have successfully endured our first full winter in the Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire – no worse for the wear. We sold our home in Georgia back in October, and then wandered cross-country until in December we moved full-time into our 800 square… Read More Winter in New England – Apr 2023

Seacoast: Add Weather – Dec 2022

I maintain there is little more powerful than weather.  And the ocean is almost always humbling.  Add weather like we have all had, an astronomical high tide, and you’ve got, not to make lightly, the perfect storm. Like it has for just about everybody in America, the last few days have represented some crazy weather… Read More Seacoast: Add Weather – Dec 2022

Child Unit 2 Marries! – Nov 2022

Yesseree!  Child Unit 2 (you may know him as Drew) has gotten hitched!  Drew met Rachel Bolin, his betrothed, at a conference several years ago and pretty much they became a thing. First things first, for this post you don’t need to be Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz to figure out who took which photos,… Read More Child Unit 2 Marries! – Nov 2022

Hed’n to the Wed’n – Oct 2022

We sold our house and are working our way west to Denver – hed’n to the wed’n.  Yup, our son will be getting married in November, so we are taking a slow stroll west. First stop?  See old friends (sorry, did that sound catty or judgmental?) at TCPC (Tennessee Cumberland Plateau Campground), one of our… Read More Hed’n to the Wed’n – Oct 2022

Montana: Part I – Sept 2022

After several amazing weeks in Idaho, we departed Idaho and almost immediately became enamored with Montana!  Traveling down a 2-lane road, no other vehicles in sight, we were in a “valley” (albeit at +/- 6,000 feet elevation), with massive mountains on one side that must have topped 12,000 feet, and on the other side for… Read More Montana: Part I – Sept 2022

Black Swan Country Club – July 2022

I thought this golf posting might make for a nice subset of the travel experience, particularly for those travelers who might travel to New England.  Or, it could be I just have an unhealthy relationship with the game of golf and felt the need to vent. Prompted by my good friend David, inspired by Charl… Read More Black Swan Country Club – July 2022

Pocket Gardens of Portsmouth – June 2022

Perhaps no one could choose a less likely activity for me on a beautiful sunny summer Saturday than to go explore gardens in people’s yards.  When it comes to plants, I have been proven ignorant, unimaginative, and deadly.  Plants consider our yard like hospice.  So we ignored our own experience and enjoyed others! This was… Read More Pocket Gardens of Portsmouth – June 2022