Washington – Aug 2017

We crossed the border back into the United States at Sumas in Washington State, a bit east of Bellingham. The customs/border patrol inspected our truck and trailer, and lightened our load by a few tomatoes, some melon and some other dangerous vegetable. Thankfully they did not find the ivory tusks, the rare exotic birds, or Karen’s newly acquired assault rifle.

As I look in the rearview mirror, I would be remiss if I did not make a parting comment about what a great time and how beautiful Canada is, from Alberta and British Columbia to the Yukon and Northwest Territories – just stunning, and very friendly and welcoming people! Thank you Canada for a lovely time – well done!


One of our last camping nights in Canada


Our first stop in the US was at a farm stand to resupply a few veggies, followed by a stop in Acme, WA where we stopped at a lunch stand called the Acme Diner for – yup – lunch.


Besides a great lunch, they serve Acme Ice Cream. Ever heard of that? You want to try it, if you haven’t. Wow. And I think I know where they get their cream.


Then we got onto SR 20 for our eastward journey across the state. Washington is a gorgeous state, but you’ll have to check it out yourself because I took hardly any pictures! I know, I know; what was I thinking? I think I was still on a sugar high from that Acme ice cream. We spent about 3 days crossing Washington, heading east on Route 20, and if there were more than a total of three miles that are straight or not ascending or descending, I’d be shocked. If you own a motorcycle, this must be one of the best roads in the country, and it was great towing as well. Beautiful – epic views.



Along the way we got to visit another one of this country’s crown jewels – a national park. We visited North Cascades National Park, and it was really nice, although in all honesty we did not spend much time there. We had an uninvited guest in our trailer (mouse) and decided to move on before he invited his cousins. Before we left, Karen made a new friend – something she seems to do easily. I, on the other hand, struggle with social issues.   Beauty and the beast, so to speak.


If you are crossing Washington (or many other states), the US Forest Service is your friend. We stayed in a a number of US Forest Service campgrounds and they were all great, made even better with our senior passes, which meant camping for $5-6 per night.


Along this beautiful ride and through some mighty cute towns, we also found some great produce! If anyone in Georgia thinks Georgia has a lock on peaches, not so fast. We found a farm stand with something called Donut Peaches. Let me tell you – they were like candy. Late August is also a time for the huckleberries, so we have had our share of those as well.

Anyway, short boring post with little to look at, but Washington is a must-visit state!


One response to “Washington – Aug 2017

  1. Thank forpostngthis. We found donut peaches two ears ago in a Hood River Valley fruit stand. You are correct. They are THE best tasting peaches ever! Hard to find, but unforgettable.


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