I am going to use this section to highlight useful resources that we use in our travels.  Keep an eye on this section!

Campendium.  These guys are great at helping you find interesting and relevant campsites based on your needs/wants.  They do a great deal of due diligence in looking at camping options, and have a network of folks who contribute reviews and blogs (self included).  Great resource!

Blogs I think are pretty cool:

RV Blogs

Cool stuff (none of these are paid links):

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  1. Hi there – Jim Haskins sent me your way. I live in Maryland am close to pulling the plug on corporate work. we are looking at getting an airstream and wanted to get your thoughts based on all your travels. we are trying to decide between a 25 and 27 ft trailer. I know with many parks there are limits on size and I wanted to see if you have encountered many size limits in your travels.

    1. Congratulations on your impending retirement! If you are like us you will never look back. We recently sold our 27 for a 30 – if that answers your question about size constraints. The short answer is I would choose a 27 over a 25 if for no other reason than the north/ south bed layout. Happy to discuss in more so just reach out! We have been everywhere in our 27, and before that had two 34’s. Enjoy whatever you choose!!!

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