Michigan, ND – May 2017

Defining moments. Life is about defining moments.

As both of my readers know, we are on our way to Alaska. I have dreaded making this blog a blow-by-blow account of our stops and stays along the way. You know, on Tuesday night we ordered Mexican and Wednesday we drove with the windows down. Fear not.

I do, though, feel compelled to share a renewal of faith and hope! With all the negativity going on in the world, it is nice to be reassured of the goodness of mankind. I already know what you’re thinking – Brad has seen religion! Not so – I am still the same mildly annoying heathen.

We stopped earlier this evening in Michigan, ND (that’s North Dakota) to stay at a city park that offered four campsites with electricity – for free! We are on a budget, after all.  If you are not familiar with where Michigan, ND is, it is, well, here.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.24.03 PM.png




The defining moment for me was not the free campsite (which was fabulous), but the spiral bound notebooks at the site that date back to 2003 with hand written comments from other campers (from all over) who have enjoyed and benefited from the really well maintained and freely offered campsites! Talk about love and kindness! I read through these books and was just so pleased by the thoughtfulness of the contributors, and the kind gestures that local townsfolk have offered these other weary travelers, and on many occasions have led the travelers to the campsites!




The comments from these travelers over the years are just terrific and inspiring to read.

There are swing sets and playground for kids, a nine hole par 3 golf course for duffers, horse shoes for everyone, and of course the campsites for campers. And you can (as we did) make a donation as a free will gesture of thanks.


In a world depicted by 24×7 news of the latest affront or ignorance, it is nice to be reminded that while all that is going on, kindness is still being offered to strangers, fields still need to be tilled, seed needs to be sown, businesses need to be run, lives need to be lived, and sights await to be seen.



Carry on!

4 thoughts on “Michigan, ND – May 2017

  1. The beginning of another journey with the Slowskys. Thanks for sharing the adventure with us. I look forward to the photos and stories, don’t hold back. Travel does wonders for mind, body, and soul by bringing us to what is real if we keep our eyes and ears open. Wishing you safe travels and many wonders on the journey ahead.

  2. What a wonderful place! One of the joys of traveling is discovering there are so many kind and helpful people out there. I’m looking forward to following your journey in Alaska. We left Georgia in the middle of May, 2013. It was the trip of a lifetime and one I think about every day. Have fun!

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