Run Rob Run! – Sept 2019

Unlike my usual drivel, this post might actually add value!


I am asking for a wee bit of your time in helping a friend.

You may have seen previous posts about our friend, Rob Pope, who we met on the road, and was raising money for a couple of worthwhile charities while recreating the run that Forrest Gump took in the movie.  We first met Rob at Glacier National Park and then again when he came across Georgia the following January.  His efforts had him running over 15,000 miles and earned thousands of dollars towards his favored charities, World Wildlife Federation and Peace Direct.

You can see Rob’s Facebook page here.

Here’s the message I just received from Rob…

A chap called Michael helped me out a lot in the final Texas leg and is hoping to set up a charity with his pal John to help veterans and their pets and has also pledged to help support the WWF and Peace Direct as well.

Now I’m not sure how this is all going to proceed, but he wants to get John and I on Ellen, so I won’t complain about that! We tried once before and failed and I know that in the past she’s made some really big charity donations and if I can manage to grab something for my charities then I’m all in. John himself ran across the States in 1971 and was interviewed by the production team of Forrest Gump to make the run as realistic as possible and his angle is that they have the “original” and the “real” Forrest Gump on.

 The blurb that is posted at the end of this is his doing and I think it’s a little over the top (and I certainly didn’t call myself Dr Pope!), but he’s a lot more aware of how these things work and has promised me over the top is what wins the day.

Remember, no pressure guys, but if you are going to do it, can you do it in the next day or few so they get a lot of submissions in one go. Feel free to share all of this message with anyone who might fancy it and let’s see if we can make this fly! It might help get the book out! If you don’t mind, I might rope you in to other future missions!!

Here’s what you can do to help, if you have a few spare minutes!

1) Go to:
2) Change XXXX and Michael at the end of the submission text to be your name and Michael!
3) Pop your details down. My Facebook and Twitter handles are runroblarun and Instagram is It will make sense when you’re on the Ellen page, trust me.
4) Check you definitely didn’t leave your name as XXXX!
5) Then submit!

Here is the part to copy and paste into Ellen’s page…

Dear Ellen
I’m contacting you to share a remarkable story about two “SUPERHUMAN” individuals, who are truly making a difference.

Our friends John Peele and Dr Rob Pope are not only kind, caring, and compassionate, but they are incredibly selfless in their quest to help others in need while sacrificing everything to make our planet a healthier, happier place. I’d like to share a little about them and why I believe these two should be chosen to be recognized for their accomplishments on your amazing show.

Dr Pope just recreated the running scene in the movie Forrest Gump running over 15,248 miles, all to raise money for some amazing charities. During his journey, he met John (the inspiration for the film run) and they have now teamed up to raise money for Vets, Pets, WWF, and Peace Direct.

Rob is finishing his 5th track across America soon and would love it if you can cut his hair before his wedding and donate it to Locks of Love. For more details, please read the letter and watch our video at: www.Journey.BZ
Hopefully speak soon. Thanks for your consideration,
XXXX and Michael

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Thanks (from Rob) in advance!

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