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Originally New Englanders from Lexington, MA and having lived in the Atlanta area for the past 20 years, we have traveled extensively in our Airstream to most contiguous states in the US.  We travel as often as makes sense, the weather encourages or the whim directs.


We have traveled and camped for years (picture below of my bride from our honeymoon in our rental camper in New Zealand years ago), from backpack camping, to car/tent camping with kids, to our Airstream.


We have always been outdoor-oriented, from skiing to hiking, biking, kayaking, running – just enjoying the outdoors.

This blog is about our more recent travels and adventures!

<<<<< On the left:  I have categorized posts by general category (drop down), so that if you have an area of interest it may be easier to navigate.  And the “search” field actually works pretty well to find subject matter or key words from previous posts.

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Back in the day our kids would camp and be seen with us (sometimes grudgingly).  We are insanely proud of both our two kids, but today they are living their own dreams, and hopefully will enjoy careers, family life, travel, camping and other activities as much as we have.


Our traveling partner is Dottie.  Dottie, like all of our dogs, comes to us slightly used from the pound.  She seems to enjoy traveling with us.  We think she is a Jack Russell Terrier (a “shorty”).  But we are certain she is a sweetie.


We have yet to travel to a place we did not love – what a beautiful country!  If you have traveled, then you may appreciate our journey.  If you have not, we hope you take some inspiration, comfort and interest in seeing where we have been.


I welcome comments and/or suggestions.

Safe travels to you, and hope you enjoy sharing in our journey!

Brad (& Karen)

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  2. Like we are part time RV’ers who travel with our beloved dog. We still have a sticks and bricks home in Coastal Georgia and have been traveling through the U.S. and Canada for almost ten years. Happy trails and safe travels!

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