2019 in Review – Dec 2019

Let’s just say 2019 was an unusual year, with probably the least amount of RV travel in many years.

The year started with us financially supporting the medical community.  Between a skiing accident and broken bone, shoulder surgery and a hip replacement for my bride, I believe we were wildly successful.  Please feel free to visit the new Slowsky Wing at Portsmouth Hospital.

It was also a year in which we decided to move from New Hampshire back to Georgia.  We sold our house in New Hampshire, bought our old house back in Atlanta, and oh, did I mention subsequently bought a summer cottage back in New Hampshire.  We are looking forward to being awarded the #1 Serial Customer at the Realtors Hall of Fame.

I have to say we did fall in love with the New Hampshire seacoast.  We spent several weeks traveling with friends along the New England seacoast… from Salem, MA up to Boothbay Harbor in Maine.  Here a just a few pictures from the NH seacoast.  You can see more of the north shore of Boston here,  or if you want to see our story from the Maine coast click here.










We had an eclectic assortment of activities during the year… including Gospel Night at Boston Symphony Hall, and attending the parade in Boston for the New England Patriotsfor having won the Super Bowl.   Go Pats.




We made our move back to Atlanta just in time for the annual block party, where I was awarded the honorary title Mayor and my bride, First Lady (queue Rodney Dangerfield… “That’s no lady, that’s my wife!”).



With limited travel during the year, we did however sneak away to Kentucky for the annual Bourbon Festival in Bardstown.  This was a great activity and I would highly recommend it.  You can never have too much bourbon.  Well, actually, you can.




While at the Bourbon Festival Karen looked up the weather in Georgia for the following week and temps were going to be in the high 90’s.  She asked me, do you want to head north where it is cooler or do you want to head back into the oven?  Cooler, I said.  That’s when we headed back to NH – and behold, bought a cottage not far from the beach.  Traveling can be very expensive – leave your wallet at home.

Let no travels interfere with Halloween, though!  We were back in the hood, and celebrated this Halloween at the expense of Jim Cantore and the team at The Weather Channel.  Take no prisoners.


For the holidays the Trouble Trailer was broken out for use during Christmas Caroling again… such a blast!


Lastly, we had the whole family together at Christmas, where we combined music, family time, the essential Flintlock celebratory cocktail, and a special family outing to Dad’s Garage, an improv theatre company that performed the Invasion Christmas Carol 2019, a twerked version of the classic story, A Christmas Carol.  Let me just say, this was as quirky and kitschy as you might have suspected from an improv troupe in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward.  Totally us, let me just say.  Festivus for the best of us.





From our family to yours, may you have Happy Holidays and a spectacular New Year!  Stay safe, and we’ll see you down the road!

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