Lost Dutchman SP (AZ) – Feb 2015

Situated in the Sonoran Desert at the base of the Superstition Wilderness (Tonto National Forest), Lost Dutchman State Park feels like you are cast out in the middle of the desert (oh, that’s right – you are).


Our campsite has 360’ of intense beauty that changes constantly as the sun makes its daily journey. Tans and silvers are quickly replaced by oranges and reds, followed by greens and other muted colors, all while looking at the same view. I took a hike up towards the Flatiron (not all the way mind you), which is a beautiful peak that overlooks the desert. While we are camped in the desert, we remain only 30 minutes outside of Phoenix/Scottsdale.

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Karen found a bike trail in Scottsdale that runs along the Arizona Canal, and so we went for a bike ride with some new Airstream friends we met. We ended up our ride at O.S.H.O., which is a really cool restaurant and nano brewery (sounds like they serve their beers in shot glasses, not so). Great place, both dog and bike friendly – would go back in a heartbeat (their Brisket & Mac is to die for).

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