Prince Howard – Sept 2022

For those of you who follow our real estate transactions (hopefully not), this may sound like a re-do, but we are selling our house in the Prince Howard neighborhood and moving full time to our cottage in New Hampshire.  Sound oddly familiar?

We have made the decision and are in process of making this happen.  We have donated a ton of stuff, taken a load or two to the dump, given away a ton of stuff (you will be happy to know the “free” table has ended), and will be moving stuff slowly over the next month or so up to New Hampshire.

We have met fabulous people throughout our lives, but the Prince Howard neighborhood has been particularly well endowed with great and caring people.  Between the Howardians, the Brownlians, the Brownstonians… and let’s not forget the Village People, this neighborhood has been the best!

It has been 25 years since we first moved here with our kids – our kids spent most of their formative years here.  And we have so enjoyed all the other kids in the hood who have followed.  Many of the kids know me as Mr. Brad.  One time Karen asked one of the young boys if he knew her name.  He responded, after a moment of thought, Mr. Brad’s Wife?  You betcha.

For now, browse through these photos from the last 25 years, neighbors past and present.  Many of you will not make the highlight reel, but please accept our apologies for any oversight, omission or absence of photos.

Love to you all from the Roberts – we will miss you all.  Now get back to work and help us sell our house!

And there are some great pictures from the 2019 block party if you go to this link….  


The first and last time Karen ever touched the mower.
Smith girls – Savannah and Somer
Clem (CV) and Janice Oreal

Drew and Alex Dinsmore
Kyle Smith and John Campbell – John hated the paparazzi

Jennifer and Erik Friebolin (with Alexandra or Gabrielle Rose?)
Witness protection

Rusty and Julie Broshar with Nora Turner

Fred Turner and John Hart

Child Units 1 and 2

James Dowling with Bella

Lucy and Rosie

Cherie Smith and Jo Campbell











Dr. Feelgood and Dr. Strangelove


Abby, Payton and Patrick Reed





















John and Karen Merritt

Kyle and Laura Neff

John and Jo Campbell

George and Penny Kennedy
No words
Parks & Rec
Fredrick and Kenneth

Drew and (fiancé) Rachel

The reason

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  1. Super group of pictures! Thanks for posting them. Let us know too, what makes New Hampshire special to you and what you especially like about living there.

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