Lucy’s 18th Birthday! – June 2015

LICK! SNIFF! POOP! DROOL! Lucy’s birthday party – It’s gonna be COOL! Well, it was. Karen designed, organized and created an 18th birthday party for our dog Lucy! We invited some of Lucy’s neighborhood friends to help share her day, replete with toys, games, balloons and photos – and a home made birthday cake! We even sang happy birthday to her, which is kind of ironic since she is deaf. Oh well.

Guest of honor – Lucy

Originally from the pound, Lucy has traveled with us to probably more states than most people who may be reading this post. She has been canoeing with us, has hiked hundreds if not thousands of miles with us over the years, and still goes on shorter hikes with us. Not bad for an old girl. Happy Birthday Lucy!

Beverages for our guests
Our other dog Rosie
No, she didn’t blow out the candles.

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