Block Party – Aug 2018

You’re thinking – the Slowsky’s attended another block party?  Yup.  This year was no exception – a great time in the hood at the Reza Roundup.


As I have spoken endlessly before, we live in a great neighborhood, where people actually talk, play, socialize – and enjoy!  And really, when the school bus empties every day it looks like Wolly World.


Once a year someone (for many of the last number of years it has been Reza and Rebekah – thank you!) hosts a block party to anyone who lives in the hood.  There are grills cooking, food contributed and shared, a bouncy castle for the kids, music playing (this year had a live band and the ever popular Rap Master Blaster, DJ Tango), as well as fireworks.

DJ Tango… to the left to the left…
The JIMMY CAV Project Band
Back stage pass

I’ll blame the fact that we have had a very busy last few weeks, but I forgot to bring my camera to the party!  Of course, I did remember to bring beer… I did take a few shots with my camera, but it is not the same – sorry, Homer.

The party was attended by all ages, from very young families to old retired couples (ahem), and everything in between.  Perhaps the most telling feature this year for me was the participation of a large number of teenagers.  Now, it’s hard to be cool when there are teenagers around, or even to get them to participate in something, particularly if there are adults or children younger than them around.  Yet here was a brood of teenagers, dancing, laughing, eating and playing!  Holy Crap – love it!

Can anyone say Cupid Shuffle?




Now just add darkness and flashing glow sticks!



We will miss this and all the other activities that occur in this hood, but for now another great event!! Thanks to everyone who helped make it so!

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