Taliesin West (AZ) – Feb 2015

We visited the Frank Lloyd Wright “camp” known as Taliesin West in Scottsdale, AZ – terrific! We have previously been to Fallingwater (western PA), and as anyone who has visited a Frank Lloyd Wright destination knows they are in for a treat.


We had a terrific tour guide to lead us through this facility, which today serves as the campus of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. Out of about 600 applications they accept something like 5 new students each year (about 20 students in total, and the ratio of students to teachers is 3:1). Now I am no architect, but I would have to think that if you even get accepted to this school your dance card has pretty much been punched.  The story of FLW’s personal life only adds to the aura of this incredible man’s architectural journey.

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