OMG Joe Bonamassa – Nov 2015

Not A Night at the Roxbury – this was A Night at the Fox in Atlanta, GA to see Joe Bonamassa. OMG! We were maybe 15 or 20 rows back from stage and this guy (and his band) ROCKED!



untitled-2.jpgIf you are not familiar, Joe Bonamassa is a blues guitarist extraordinaire, as you might guess for someone who opened for BB King when he was twelve years old. From classics like Goin’ Down (covered by many and notably Jeff Beck) to Joe’s own material this was a concert not to miss. He has created 15 solo albums (11 have reached #1 on the Billboard Blues charts), but tonight he played with his full band. His band members are no slouches either – un-freaking believable.


Reese Wynans on keyboards is amazing. Having played with the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn and a litany of other top performers, he played beautifully on the piano, and on the organ he likens back to the talents and sounds of Lee Michaels. Incredible.


Anton Fig on drums is scary good. Before playing with Joe, for years he was the drummer for the band on Late Night with David Letterman. As a drummer myself, it boggles my mind to imagine how he makes those drums sound so freaking good.


untitled-10.jpgOn bass, Michael Rhodes is the understated bass player that is magical on his bass (which in some ways doubles as percussion) and compliments what Joe does on guitar.



Lee Thorburg on trumpet and trombone was unbelievable, as you might guess of someone who has played with Supertramp, Tower of Power and Wayne Cochran.



Paulie Cerra on sax, who has played with such acts as Stevie Wonder, was superb.




untitled-18.jpgAnd the venue at the Fox was unbelievable – totally epic. If you have never been to the Fox Theatre you have been deprived.





If for some reason you have not heard of Joe Bonamassa, you are not alone. Joe won the dubious honor of being a question on the TV game show Jeopardy! Alex Trebek said, “For $800 Joe Bonamassa plays what musical instrument”… to deafening silence. Nonetheless, Joe sold out two shows in Atlanta at the Fox Theatre. Joe, you are not alone.


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  1. What you missed Joe’s concerts in Atlanta all these many years. We saw him at the Ellis Theatre when only a few hundred attended. Flash forward through various venues including the Cobb Centre to the last two visits at the Fox and you have a masterful example of how he exploded on the Scene over ten years.

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