The Day Bill Belichick Smiled – Feb 2019

Like mentioned in a post previously, if you are talking about your baseball team in November, that is goodness.  And if you are talking about your football team in February, that too is sweet.  Sorry, did I not mention the 2019 Superbowl Champions are the New England Patriots?

If you know anything about New Englanders, there are only two things that matter: a) smash the New York Yankees, and b) beat LA (football, basketball, whatever…).  Everything else is mostly noise.

The Patriots are now tied (with the Pittsburgh Steelers) for the most Superbowl wins (6) ever, and Tom Brady is tied with only one other player (Charles Haley) for the most Superbowl rings (5) for an individual player.  Holy Crap.

I schlepped into Boston to watch the parade for the New England Patriots!  Madness, I tell you, but so worth it!

Courtesy Facebook – author unknown

The trip took me close to 3 hours, a trip that any other day should have taken less than an hour.

Trains going into the city were sold out, so I drove towards the Alewife T station (Mass Transit). Denied – it was slammed!  I continued driving further into Cambridge and found some on-street parking in Porter Square and hopped a train into town from there.  The train was jammed, and exiting at Park Street was like cattle being herded.

Everyone attending the parade was dressed for success!  I had my Tom Brady T-shirt and a NE Patriots hoody on, but I felt under-dressed. There were some great outfits here, and everyone did their part, shared their message.

The parade was awesome. Crowds were thick by the parade route, and everyone was screaming – talk about an entire town coming together!   

Nice view of Back Bay from Boston Common

The parade itself? What’s not to love about a parade – ticker-tape and all!  And, of course, the main attraction – the New England Patriots!

Bob and Jonathan Kraft – owners of the NE Patriots
Josh McDaniels – offensive coordinator

And then there is Tom. Won’t lie, not proud – total man-crush. 

Is he not the greatest of all time (GOAT)?  So far, I’d say.

Did I mention Bill Belichick smiled?  Well… let me put it this way.  I took a few pictures of him in the parade, and I will say:  this is probably as close as you’ll come to seeing him smile. 

You can see his other moods and facial expressions on the tee shirt.

Alas, time to leave Boston and head home.  

Next up – will it be the Celtics?  The Bruins? For a tiny little town, Boston has an avid fan base and a rich tradition in sports history.  But for now, Go Pats!

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