Prescott, AZ – Feb 2016

Prescott, AZ seems like one of those places where, if you were looking for the perfect weather year round, would/should be on your radar. Having been here for only three days in February it is a bit hard to say. Never the less, it sure seems like a pretty good candidate for that short list of places with great weather.

Watson Lake looking north towards Flagstaff

Situated at about 5,000 feet elevation and sitting within sight of the mountains that overlook Flagstaff, Prescott enjoys dry air and moderate temperatures. While we had temperatures at night in the low to mid 20’s, during the day it was beautiful in the high 50’s and low 60’s. Purportedly the summers are nice, with temperatures in the 80’s and sometimes low 90’s, but with dry air much more tolerable.


We camped right next to Watson Lake (in a private campground – Point of Rocks Campground) and were able to hike on the trails in and around Watson Lake (very nice and very pretty). We didn’t paddle the lake but while somewhat small it is a drop-dead gorgeous lake to paddle in.



We noodled around town last night and had dinner at the Barley Hound – quite tasty.  The Duck Fat Fries with Truffle Oil were silly good.


The town is cool, lots of shops and places to eat/drink. It has kind of the vibe of an Asheville, NC in that it is generally a young crowd (1-2 colleges in town) and has lots of outdoor activities. It is trying to vie as one of the premier mountain biking destinations, and there are a number of local breweries. I believe this is a common destination in the summer for folks in the Phoenix area to retreat from the heat.

Today we decided to check out the Lynx Lake area, and it was similarly beautiful. While hiking around the lake (about a 3 mile hike), we had several opportunities to view Bald Eagles! One look in their eyes and you were happy you were not a small rodent or fish. Truth be told, I don’t think I ever had the thought of being a small rodent or fish on my bucket list. These eagles are stunning creatures and you quickly realize why they were chosen as our country’s national bird – very regal.


I believe the dark head indicates this is a young eagle
The term “eagle eyes” starts to have meaning




This is a very cool area, although you can see the signs for growth. I think in the coming years people will “get” this town and you will see much growth.

3 thoughts on “Prescott, AZ – Feb 2016

  1. Being a local in Prescott I want to thank you for your visit. Many of the attributes you listed is why I live here. Watson and Lynx lake are two places I always take visitors because it shows how much land diversity we have in this small area. Goldwater lake is another nice small lake that has nice hiking and bike trails around it. Thanks again for your visit.

  2. Fantastic eagle photos! It sure is a good thing you have the new camera lens…tell me that’s what you had on the camera.
    I find it utterly fantastic that you have never contemplated being a small rodent. I’m pretty sure we all have done that from time to time.

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