Tis the Season – Dec 2018

First, a moment of respect and a thousand points of light for George H. W. Bush.  RIP,  41.


Remembrances, overlooking the Bush compound


Please, in the name of all things sacred to young children, DO NOT let your children read this post any further unattended!  Parental supervision is highly recommended.

Most of us recognize truth as being independent of belief.  To that point, I dare say any responsible adult will grant that Santa Clause travels via a lobster boat.  Duh. This should not be controversial. I shouldn’t even have to say it.


Sadly, not all people in this great land believe this.  Yes, I know that seems unlikely that there would still in this day and age be disbelievers of Santa’s lobster boat.  Let’s be tolerant of those who have a different opinion.  This is going to sound crazy – don’t shoot the messenger, but I have even heard stories of elves, reindeer and sleighs.  HA!  Give me a break.  How could THAT be.

I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist.  But in the spirit of trying to verify that I was not the crazy person, I took a ride to the center of the universe – yes – Kennebunkport, Maine, to prove the point. This is a really cute town with an extensive shipbuilding history.




Earlier today, I saw proof positive, for any of you nonbelievers.  As the photos clearly show, sure enough, Santa travels to us via a lobster boat.  How much more proof do you need?   And who doesn’t love a cameo appearance by Mrs. Clause!




Ever the gentleman

Please, can we once and for all debunk the notion that Santa has elves?  I mean, really.  I think we all know his helpers are lobsters.



I am glad we could have this talk.  You are welcome.

Speaking of the holiday season, I was able this year to join the annual “men-to-boyz night out”.  While this meeting-of-the-minds has been going on annually for many years, over the last 20 or so years, I have only attended this event sporadically due to living in Georgia.  I am back, and this year was awesome.  Dinner was at the Scholars American Bistro and Cocktail Bar (how appropriate is it that we were at the Scholars?  Don’t answer that), followed by the Tedeschi Trucks Band live at the Orpheum Theatre.  What a show!  This band is fabulous.

Old white guys dressed in black.  It’s the new orange.
Tedeschi Trucks Band


Susan Tedeschi is a local Boston girl who is a ripping singer and guitar player, and reminds me of Bonnie Raitt (a high honor).  Derek Trucks played for years with the Allman Brothers (his father Butch Trucks was the drummer years ago).  Derek is simply an outrageously great guitarist – off the charts.  The concert, with their 12-piece band, was terrific.  The Orpheum is a terrific venue, by the way.  Not Symphony Hall or Berklee, but pretty damn good, and loaded with charm – reminds me of the Fox Theatre in Atlanta.




The city (of Boston) is lit up like a Christmas tree for the holiday season!  The decorations cover the Common, and is a beautiful backdrop to the State House.




Skating rink on the Commons

Wherever you are, and whatever you celebrate, hopefully you will enjoy this holiday season!!  And remember, make sure you educate your children about how Santa really gets around.  Do the right thing.

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